Dance Parade is Proud to Introduce 2013 Grand Marshal : LOUIE VEGA

Dance Parade is Proud to Introduce 2013 Grand Marshal : LOUIE VEGA

Written by on February 13, 2013

Each year, Dance Parade selects various individuals from all corners of the Dance Community to honour for their perseverance, impact, contribution and uniqueness they have represented and supplied throughout their formidable careers. These recognized individuals are chosen by Dance Parade for their contribution to a particular genre of dance.



DJ, Producer, Songwriter, Composer

One of this year’s confirmed Grand Marshals is 4 time nominated and Grammy Award winning DJ, producer, songwriter and composer Louie Vega (Masters at Work, Elements of Life). For over two decades, Vega has influenced dance music, and the music world in general. He has worked with artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tito Puente, Black Eyes Peas, and more.
“After years in the studio, clubs and DJing what makes my heart beat on the floor is when I see live and in front the reactions of people when they are dancing,” says Vega.
DOWNLOAD the official Louie Vega DJ mix app by where you can discover and listen to Louie Vega‘s latest DJ mixes in addition to realtime news, events and contact information.
Past Dance Parade Grand Marshalls have included DJ Kool Herc (Hip-Hop), Luiji (Jazz Dance), DJ’s JellyBean Benitiz, Jonathan Peters and Danny Tenaglia, Joseph Harrington (Billy Elliot), Elisa Monte, Charles Reinhardt (American Dance Festival) Luis Salgado (In the Heights), Ellenore Scott (So You Think You Can Dance) and Ashley Tuttle (American Ballet Theater).  READ MORE…

Check out The Exclusive Dance Parade NYC Mix by Louie Vega on AUDIO DANCE PARADE!

Check out previous Grand Marshals that Dance Parade has honoured in the past

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