What Is An Electronic Press Kit?



What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. When put together correctly it can be the hub of your marketing and public relations efforts.

This is something you can put together yourself or download a template that can be filled out with your information. There are musician web portals popping up all over the world, and many of them offer services like distribution of your music, EPKs, profiles, online stores, promotions, networking, etc. Many of them have well-thought-out templates for making electronic press kits, and you might consider it worth your investment to go with one.

An EPK puts all of your information together in a neat package that can be e-mailed either in full or as a link back to your website. It can be e-mailed to prospective buyers and fans on a moment’s notice.

What’s Included In An Electronic Press Kit

Here are the sort of categories a full EPK might have:

Bio: You can write a full history of the artist

Credits: Who has this artist played with? Anybody famous? Any important gigs? Films? TV Commercials?

Discography: This is where you list the CDs (Vinyl LPs?) this artist has performed on

Photos: People like to see what they’re buying

Videos: Many EPK have two or three video links of the artist in action

Audio: MP3 files that can be listened to easily

News: Any important releases and newsworthy items

Press: Artists who are well along in their careers might have public relations experts and media contacts working on their behalf. This is a special section for PR.

Tour: a calendar of dates the artist has booked

Store: Many EPKs link to an online store, or to iTunes, AmazonMP3, etc…

Contact: a contact form so people can e-mail you or call.

Download: many EPK’s allow for the viewer to download certain pages as .pdf files

Stage Plot: Many artists include a diagram of their stage requirements

Management: Do you have a manger? Stage manager? Lighting crew? It all goes here.

Links: To social networks, band pages, online stores, cool places you’ve played…

An EPK doesn’t have to have all of these aspects, just what applies to you or your band. It can be built up over time.

One of the great things about constructing a strong EPK is that it requires you to make important decisions about what kind of musician you are, what sort of gigs you can be considered for, and how you wish to be perceived.

Do a web search of ‘EPK’, ‘EPK for musicians’, ‘EPK for bands’ and you’ll find a large number of suppliers with templates. Or, if you have some coding and graphic talents, make one all your own!

Alternatively you can grab a free EPK here.

Music Apps – the future of the EPK?

An increasingly popular option is to create your own “app” for iPhone or Android instead of an EPK. This sounds complicated but is actually very simple with some of the app builders available now – like this one.

Once your EPK – or app – is live, be sure to update it regularly, especially if it is web-based (search bots cruise past your site regularly).

If the site content does not change after a few passes it gets less and less attention. Give those search bots something to chew on by adding content on a regular basis.

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