Hi everyone and welcome to Rahim’s Studio Engineering Room, here you can check out various audio gear along with studio information.  I myself have been inspired by audio components since a young age.  Over the years I have seen the changes of audio, like phonographs, records, 8 tracck, cassette, VHS, Beta, plus reel to reel from 1/4 in. – 2, which are analogue,  along with, Adat, CD, Dat, Dash, Hard disk, MP3.  Yes the way we process and listen to audio has changed, with the aid of companies such as Apple, Pioneer, Peavey, Crown, QSC, SBS Designs, Avid, Crane Song, Sadie, Genelic, JBL, Electro Voice, Audio Technica, Burl along with other brands to choose from.  So here at the  AES is where developer’s, and manufacturers give us more insight of what they were doing in the labs.


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